What is a plan insurance kingston

Plan Insurance Brokers, based in Kingston upon Thames, is a UK-based company specializing in providing a wide range of insurance products tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and businesses. The company has established a reputation for offering personalized insurance solutions and exceptional customer service.

This article will delve into the functions, services, and benefits of choosing Plan Insurance in Kingston.

Overview of Plan Insurance

Plan Insurance Brokers has been serving the UK market for over three decades. They cater to various insurance needs, including motor trade, commercial vehicle, taxi, and private car insurance. The company’s mission is to provide customized insurance products that offer comprehensive coverage and peace of mind to their clients.

Key Insurance Products

1. Motor Trade Insurance: Plan Insurance is well-known for its motor trade insurance policies. These policies are designed for businesses involved in buying, selling, or repairing vehicles. Key features include:

Road Risk Insurance: Covering vehicles while on the road or being driven by employees.

Liability Insurance: Protecting against claims from customers and third parties for injuries or damages.

Combined Motor Trade Insurance: Offering comprehensive cover for both road risks and business premises.

2. Commercial Vehicle Insurance: This insurance caters to businesses that rely on commercial vehicles for their operations. The coverage includes:

Fleet Insurance: Ideal for businesses with multiple vehicles, providing a single policy for the entire fleet.

Single Vehicle Policies: For businesses that operate just one or a few vehicles.

Specialized Cover: For vehicles such as vans, trucks, and other commercial transport modes.

3. Taxi Insurance: Plan Insurance offers tailored insurance solutions for taxi drivers and operators, including:

Public Hire Insurance: For taxis that can be hailed on the street or hired at a taxi rank.

Private Hire Insurance: For pre-booked taxi services.

Chauffeur Insurance: Specially designed for high-end chauffeur services, offering additional features such as personal accident cover and higher liability limits.

4. Private Car Insurance: For individual motorists, Plan Insurance provides comprehensive private car insurance, which includes:

Fully Comprehensive Cover: Protecting against damages to the insured vehicle and third-party liabilities.

Third Party, Fire, and Theft: Covering third-party liabilities and damages resulting from fire or theft.

Third Party Only: Basic coverage for third-party liabilities.

Specialized Insurance Products

In addition to the primary categories, Plan Insurance also offers a range of specialized insurance products to meet niche requirements:

Home Insurance: Covering buildings and contents for homeowners and renters.

Business Insurance: Tailored policies for various types of businesses, including liability cover and business interruption insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance: Customized policies for motorcycle owners, offering comprehensive, third-party, and theft coverage.

Benefits of Choosing Plan Insurance

1. Personalized Service: Plan Insurance prides itself on providing a personalized service to each client. Their experienced brokers work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and tailor insurance policies accordingly.

2. Competitive Pricing: By partnering with a range of leading insurers, Plan Insurance can offer competitive premiums. They also provide various payment options, including monthly installments, to make insurance more affordable.

3. Comprehensive Coverage: Plan Insurance ensures that their policies provide comprehensive coverage to protect clients against a wide range of risks. This includes not only standard coverage options but also specialized features like legal expenses and personal accident cover.

4. Claims Support: The company provides robust support during the claims process, assisting clients in filing claims and ensuring they receive prompt and fair settlements. This support helps mitigate the stress and financial burden associated with accidents or losses.

5. Online and Offline Support: Plan Insurance offers a user-friendly online platform for policy management, quotes, and renewals. Additionally, their customer service team is available for phone consultations and in-person meetings, ensuring clients have access to support whenever they need it.

6. Industry Expertise: With over 30 years in the insurance industry, Plan Insurance has extensive knowledge and expertise. This experience enables them to provide insightful advice and solutions tailored to the unique challenges of different industries and individuals.


Plan Insurance Brokers in Kingston upon Thames is a trusted provider of comprehensive and personalized insurance solutions. Whether you are a motor trader, a business owner relying on commercial vehicles, a taxi operator, or a private car owner, Plan Insurance offers policies that cater to your specific needs. With a commitment to exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and comprehensive coverage, Plan Insurance ensures peace of mind for its clients, safeguarding them against potential risks and financial uncertainties.

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